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The Lynx Group (TLG) is the official association management and marketing company of the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) and the Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC).

The Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) is the largest national specialty organization dedicated to advancing the role of patient navigation in cancer care across the care continuum by providing a network for collaboration, leadership, and development of best practices for the improvement of patient access to care, evidence-based cancer treatment, and quality of life.


  • "AONN+ is exceptional. AONN+ has given me so many different resources and so many new resources, whether you’re in an academic center, community cancer center, out in the rural community, it’s so important what can be offered through AONN+; it’s just invaluable. They are the premier experts with navigation."

  • "This conference allows me to focus on navigation; not just diagnosis and treatment, but the whole journey that our patients experience. I always come home with better ways to serve our patients."

The Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) Summit is a prime opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the evolution of the value equation as it relates to cancer therapies and discover how to implement, improve, and sustain your company or institution, while improving access for patients and ultimately patient care. No other meeting brings together so many key perspectives in cancer care.


  • "Typically we focus on treatment and outcomes from a purely drug-specific approach, but this meeting offers each of the diseases discussed a chance to segment the disease, and then think about treatment and outcomes. These types of presentations bring new clarity to how we treat and diagnose cancer, and really help to focus on the future of oncology."

  • "I wanted to thank you for putting together an incredible conference. My head is spinning from all the thoughtful presentations, banter, and panels. I am putting next year on my calendar."

40 Under 40 In Cancer

40 Under 40 in Cancer is an awards initiative to identify and recognize the contributions being made across the field of cancer by rising stars and emerging leaders under the age of 40 years.


  • "I was honored to be selected this year among my peers and colleagues as one of the 40 under 40 in oncology recipients. Learning about all the work that my fellow recipients also do in cancer for patients was truly inspiring! The awards event was a wonderful evening of celebration and fun honoring our achievements together."

  • "To be recognized in the inaugural class of 40 under 40 in oncology was such a privilege. At times you get so caught up in the day-to-day that you can almost forget the end goal. The award event allowed us to take a step back and remember that we are ultimately changing the lives of cancer patients and their families and there is nothing more inspiring than that."