We believe that our unique blend of skills across key disciplines will help support you in delivering strategic and well-executed initiatives across various channels. Below are some examples of our work.

Special Takeda Caregiver Publication

The 8 caregivers who took part in this roundtable are from different cities throughout the United States, have unique backgrounds, and experienced different cancer journeys. Although the majority of the participants were focused on lung cancer, they recognized how much they had in common with those caring for loved ones with other diseases. Whether their loved ones are still fighting or have passed on, these individuals are united in their desire for better care and support for people living with cancer and their caregivers.

PM360 Award

“Patient Navigation in Cancer Care 2.0 was named a 2019 PM360 Trailblazer Initiative finalist for Healthcare Provider (HCP) Education.”

AONN+ Endorsement Seal

TLG/AONN+ is uniquely positioned to help industry enhance and/or develop credible Navigator resources for better patient outcomes by leveraging the AONN+ seal of approval/endorsement program. Contact us to learn more!


The Oncology Practice Management Oncology Guide to Patient Support Services is a comprehensive overview of select patient support services offered by industry, advocacy groups, and foundations published annually to provide an easy-to-use manual for healthcare professionals to assist them in helping their patients navigate the cost of cancer medications.

Navigator Toolkit

Patient Navigation in Cancer Care 2.0 focuses on the history and evolution of navigation, core competencies, current models of navigation, and the role of the navigator along the cancer care continuum.

Rx/Dx Profiler

The Rx/Dx Profiler is an in-depth review publication of key data that aims to provide a condensed version of pertinent research and/or drug approvals in a format that is conducive to educating busy healthcare professionals.

Conference Correspondent

The Conference Correspondent provides on-site daily coverage of key sessions at scientific meetings, taking healthcare providers to meetings they cannot attend live.

AONN+ Conference App

The Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators conference app provides conference attendees with schedules, faculty information, real-time updates, presentation slide decks, and more. Sponsorship opportunities available.

AHDB Payers' Guide

The American Health and Drug Benefits Payers’ Guide to New FDA Approvals, published annually, contains a comprehensive listing of all new FDA approvals and indications granted within the calendar year.

MOA/MOP Magnifier

The Mechanism of Action/Pathway Magnifier is a piece of custom publishing that highlights select molecule pathways and/or actions.

Conquering Myeloma

This series provided a comprehensive guide to patients newly diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

Faculty Perspectives

Faculty Perspectives spotlights healthcare professionals responding to frequently asked questions and providing regional perspectives and insight on hot topics and recently presented data..

Video Interviews

Our video interview series enable a target audience to gain insight from key opinion leaders on any number of hot topics in the healthcare arena.

Social Media/Web Advertising

Our in-house digital graphic designers created this web banner to promote the 2019 AONN+ awards.

MCL Monthly Minutes

This email series aims to provide patients and their caregivers with relevant and up-to-date information about mantle-cell lymphoma.

AONN+ Tools and Resources

We provide a library of carefully curated tools and resources to help navigators deliver optimal patient care.

Guide to FDA Approvals

The Oncology Guide to New FDA Approvals, published annually, contains a comprehensive listing of all new FDA approvals and indications for oncology products granted within the calendar year.

Conquer PSS Guide

The CONQUER magazine Patient Guide to Cancer Support Services is published annually to raise awareness of available patient resources to help break down barriers to optimal healthcare outcomes. Included in this guide are financial assistance resources for more than 20 cancer types.


Our in-house graphic designers translate pertinent facts and information into a striking, easy-to-understand image. Perfect for social media!

Interview with the Innovators

Interview with the Innovators is a multipart print/digital video interview series where key opinion leaders with specialties in a specific healthcare niche discuss best practices and key issues.

Social Media: AONN+

Event promotion through social media provides a highly-visible platform targeting potential attendees.

Breast Cancer Bulletin

This email series aims to provide patients and their caregivers with updates on investigational and FDA-approved breast cancer therapies and news and information related to breast cancer care and survivorship.

Lung Cancer Corner

This email series aims to provide the oncology care team with the latest investigational and FDA-approved lung cancer therapies, clinical care strategies, and news related to lung cancer management.

Social Media: CONQUER

Reach thousands of patients with cancer, their caregivers, and loved ones by leveraging our CONQUER: the patient voice social media platforms.
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