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Digital Promotions Traffic Coordinator

The Lynx Group is seeking a Digital Promotions Traffic Coordinator to join the team. The Digital Promotions Traffic Coordinator (DPTC) will be responsible for coordination, management, quality control, and administration of the flow of digital and print advertising across The Lynx Group. The DPTC will act as the point person on tracking and disseminating information, creating schedules for the timely delivery of resources and materials, preparing accurate progress/metrics reports, and other deliverables. The DPTC will also be integral in the development of new product proposals with regard to audience need, traffic and usage targets, and establishing goals.

Responsibilities include:

  • Direct workflow through the production process to keep projects moving and to meet deadlines
  • Enter new projects in the project management tool, project plans and schedules, set deadlines, and continuously update project status and maintain the project tracking system for all in-house projects
  • Help to provide accurate estimated project completion times
  • Oversee the location of materials
  • Manage relationship with digital media platform partners
  • Generate daily priority lists for department and serve as liaison between teams regarding project revisions and approvals
  • Work closely with the Director to analyze metrics, track main KPIs, and provide post-campaign reports. Provide strategic insights on how to best optimize channels, budget, and audience

Required Skills:

  • Deadline driven
  • Highly organized
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Strong attention to minor details
  • Proficient in MS PowerPoint, Word, and Excel

Required Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree (or currently enrolled student) in marketing, communication, advertising, media with 3-5 years’ experience in digital marketing, e-mail marketing


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