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The Lynx Group is a global strategic alliance of medical communication and education companies. Through our unique business model, we strive to provide pivotal and contemporary information and education for all stakeholders in healthcare.

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  • Brian Tyburski

    Brian Tyburski

    President & CEO
    Brian has over 15 years of publishing and sales experience. He has been involved in the development and launch of several publications and agencies including TyWin Communications and the American Journal of Oncology Review.
  • John W. Hennessy

    John W. Hennessy

    Group Publisher
    John has over 7 years of publishing and sales experience and leads our navigator, nurse, and patient initiatives. John has worked on a variety of publications including CONQUER: the patient voice, Journal of Navigation & Survivorship (JONS), and The Oncology Nurse-APN/PA (TON).
  • Nicholas Englezos

    Nicholas Englezos

    SVP, Sales and Marketing
    Nick has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Nick leads our value-based care, practice management and payer initiatives including American Health & Drug Benefits, Value-Based Care platforms in Oncology and Rheumatology, and our Practice Management platforms in Oncology, Urology, and Rheumatology.
  • Phil Pawelko

    Phil Pawelko

    SVP, Sales and Marketing
    Phil has over 10 years of sales and marketing experience. His special focus and passion includes collaborating with industry partners to develop programs to stay engaged and connected with their healthcare provider customers via leveraging multichannel access platforms, including the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators, CONQUER: the patient voice, Journal of Navigation & Survivorship (JONS), and The Oncology Nurse-APN/PA (TON).
  • Russell Hennessy

    Russell Hennessy

    Group Publisher
    Russell has over 7 years of publishing and sales experience and leads our Personalized Medicine in Oncology and Immunotherapy in Oncology initiatives.
  • Shannon Sweeney

    Shannon Sweeney

    Executive VP, Sales and Marketing
    Shannon Sweeney is the Sr. Vice President of the Lynx Group. He has over 15 years’ experience in partnering with US and Global clients through various stages of the life cycle across a wide range of therapeutic classes. Shannon has helped with several brand launches as well as brands that compete for market share in crowded spaces. His continued investment into understanding the landscape and innovative trends in a more holistic manner allows him to better partner with his clients to position and optimize various initiatives for success.

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    Director, Human Resources
    Mara Castellano

    Administrative Assistant
    Lisa Cirillo

    IT Manager
    Kashif Javaid

    Office Coordinator
    LeVar Cabiness

      Content/Initiative Development

    SVP, Group Operations
    Marion Murray

    Director, Strategy & Program Development
    John Welz


    Director, Production & Manufacturing
    Alaina Pede

    Director, Creative & Design
    Robyn Jacobs

    Senior Production Manager
    Melissa Lawlor

    Design Managers
    Chris Alpino
    Lora LaRocca

    Production Manager
    Cara Nicolini


    Director, Digital Marketing
    Samantha Weissman

    Digital Content Manager
    Anthony Trevean

    Digital Media Specialist
    Charles C. Easton IV

    Junior Digital Content Manager
    Walford Guillaume

    Digital Developer
    Christina Bethencourt


    Senior Editorial Director
    Dalia Buffery

    Editorial Director
    Susan Berry

    Director, Quality Control
    Barbara Marino

    Associate Editors
    Lara Lorton
    Hina Khaliq
    Drew Amorosi

    Quality Control Assistant
    Theresa Salerno

    Copy Editor
    Adam Buffery

    Editorial Assistants
    Cara Guglielmon
    Katharine Brzozowski


    Vice President, Finance
    Andrea Kelly


    Senior Vice President, Business Operations
    Shannon Sweeney

    Account Group Supervisors
    Alex Charles
    Deanna Martinez

    Project Manager
    Rachael Baranoski

    Senior Project Coordinators
    Beagy Fils-Aime
    Sara Mohamed